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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the WeatherX app?

Download for your iPhone (or Apple Apple) here: Weatherx iOS App. Download for your Android device here: weatherx android App.

How do WeatherX earplugs work?

Inside the soft hypoallergenic silicone exterior is a built-in ceramic inner filter that slows down the shift in barometric pressure.

Who should use WeatherX earplugs?

WeatherX is designed to help manager weather-related headaches that come from sudden and drastic shifts in barometric pressure.

When should I use WeatherX earplugs?

Every barometric-sensitive individual is different, but WeatherX works best when inserted prior to the shift in barometric pressure.

How does the WeatherX app work?

The WeatherX app forecasts barometric pressure changes and sends you a notification when there is a sizeable shift in barometric pressure.

How does WeatherX fit?

WeatherX is designed to fit comfortably for adults. A smaller size is also available. Our recommendation is for the earplugs to have a snug fit, when inserted in your ear.  If you happened to buy a size that doesn’t suit you, please let us know and we’ll work out a way to get you the other size! Call us at (800) 327-6151 or email

How does WeatherX differ from EarPlanes?

The filter within the WeatherX earplug is sensitive to more minute changes in pressure. Whereas, the EarPlanes filter is engineered to withstand elevation changes that accompany the take-off and landing of an airplane.

In the app, where can I find my alerts?

Your current alerts will populate on the WeatherX app’s Home tab. For more information on upcoming (and past) barometric data, select the Data tab. Alerts should also be sent to your phone via push notification at a specific time, as set in your Settings tab under the Notifications heading.

I just received an alert in the app. When do I know to put the earplugs in?

Be sure to insert your earplugs before the shift in pressure - this information can be found in the app's data section.

Keep in mind that every migraine sufferer can have a different approach on when to insert WeatherX earplugs. Some put them in hours ahead of any shift, while others put them in right before the shift starts. We recommend that you keep a migraine diary of your approach; that way, you can narrow down which approach best helps you minimize the effects of a weather change.

Please note: Always consult your physician before changing your regimen and/or program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace advice, instruction, or direction from your healthcare professional.