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Cirrus Healthcare Products, L.L.C. (Cirrus Healthcare) is a US-based company specialising in developing personal healthcare products that reduce ear-pressure to help prevent and treat some of the world’s most common and debilitating conditions. Five minutes Ltd. is the developer, acting on behalf of Cirrus Healthcare, of the WeatherX App (the App).

It’s important that you read this privacy notice so you know what we do with any personal information we collect through your use of the App. We’re telling you this because we have to follow data protection law.

Cirrus Healthcare is called the “data controller” of this information, which means we decide what your personal data is used for and how we process it. Cirrus Healthcare is legally allowed to process your personal information because we’ve got a legitimate interest in giving you the best possible service based on your use of the App. We will carefully consider and balance our interests in using your data against any impact on you, and we won’t use your personal information where the impact on you outweighs our interests.  

Your Use of the app

It’s up to you how you use the App, and you can change your settings or delete the App at any time.

information we collect

In general terms, we seek to use information about your use of the App so that we can: provide App services, including delivering requested information to you, such as App content; and audit usage of the App - this means we can fix any problems so it doesn’t crash and make the content better. In your use of the App, we may collect or have access to:

Device data

This includes the type of mobile device you use, Internet Protocol (IP) address which connects your mobile device to the Internet, mobile network information, your mobile operating system, and time zone setting. We do not collect any of the following: MAC address, mobile phone number, the type of mobile browser you are using, or any content stored on your device (such as contacts, for example).

usage data

This includes details of your use of the App including, but not limited to, the resources that you access within the App and how you use them.

location data

If you have allowed the location tracking within the App, that information will be used to filter and show only data relevant to you and your location. Whilst geo-location tracking, which shows us where you are in the world, is not used by Cirrus Healthcare, it is possible that we may be able to determine in which country you are using the App since this is based on your IP address. This data is aggregated and used to understand how our users are using the App so that we can provide better features and content.

aggregated data

Aggregated Data could be derived from Usage Data, but is not considered personal data in law as this data will not directly or indirectly reveal your identity. For example, we may aggregate your Usage Data to calculate the percentage of users accessing a specific App feature, or the number of users accessing and using the App.

how we collect your information

We will collect the data referred to above through Firebase, an analytics service offered by Google that allows the gathering of Usage Data from iOS and Android Apps.

how we use this information

We use data collected from you through your use of the App to monitor and record information relating to the use of the App and the features of the App. We do this to meet a legitimate interest in order to measure performance of the App and make improvements to the App and experience for users in the future.

retention of your information

We keep any information we have collected on your use of the App on device. As such, such information shall be retained unless – or until – you delete the App. If you do delete the App, the historical usage information may still be used by Cirrus Healthcare, but it will be anonymous so it  can’t be linked back to you.

How To Make A Complaint

If you have any questions about how Cirrus Healthcare treats your personal information, or you want to find out more about your rights, you can contact us by email or call toll free (800) 327 6151.